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Charles “Charlie” Coleman opened Coleman Automotive in 1986 and his first hire was Al McNamara. Charles grew up in the automobile industry.  His father owned several auto parts stores in and around Houston and Charles worked by for his father throughout his teenage years and during the summers while attending college at Texas A&M University earning a degree in Business Management.  After being “encouraged” to more to Austin by his wife, Aan Garrett Coleman, Charles opened his business in Oak Hill along old Hwy 290 next to the old baseball fields.  Charles and Al ha

Years later, Charles also opened Coleman Quick Lube on Hwy 290 near Wm Cannon.

Building a business that offers not only the best automotive diagnostic and repair services over the past 30 years has been a rewarding experience; both personally and professionally.  His customers and fellow employees are his friends.  And now, Charles and Al are excited to reunite with Jarret Kucera – a young, excellent mechanic that is filled with the entrenpenerual energy and enthusiasm to bring this 30 year business into its next chapter.

Introducing …Coleman AutoTech!

Coleman Automotive is now Coleman AutoTech.

With Jarret Kucera joining the team, Coleman Automotive is being rebranded as Coleman AutoTech – a reflection of the elevated level of diagnosis and repair that Jarret’s skills bring to the company.

Jarret began honing his skills as a child, disassembling small engines and pretty much any other gadget he could find – just to learn how it worked and how to fix it.  He decided to to turn this love of all-things-mechanical into into a career.

As a professional mechanic, Jarret’s first job in a small automotive shop developed his skills and knowledge of both European and American automobiles of all makes and models.  Over a short period of time; Jarret’s reputation in the industry became widely known and respected.  Charles and Jarret met and decided to team up to create something new and exciting for our customers.  The result is the launching of Coleman AutoTech. “The leaders in Automotive Diagnostics and repair”

We are excited to offer this new experience to our existing customers and look forward to meeting the many new customers who will certainly benefit from the expertise this team of professionals has to offer.

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