Brake Mechanical & Hydraulic Repair



The Braking system and Drivetrain on your vehicle are likely the two most important parts of your vehicle however they are also some of the most neglected parts. While some mechanics overlook brake repairs, we pride ourselves in offering the most comprehensive brake repair service in Austin, TX. We take extra care to make sure that these systems receive a thorough inspection during most other repairs on your vehicle at no cost.

Furthermore during any brake repair or drivetrain service we select only the best quality parts and procedures. With every brake pad replacement we also machine the rotor or drum surface, lubricate all moving parts using high quality synthetic lubricant, and inspect all related “non-wear” parts to ensure the highest level of fit and finish.

Your vehicle’s drivetrain also receives a high quality synthetic lubricant where applicable during any service or repair to ensure the longevity of our repairs.
  • Brake pad replacement (Grinding, Grabbing, Squealing, Excessive dust) Includes resurface rotors and lubricate slides
  • Brake rotor resurfacing ( Vibration, Noises caused by uneven wear, Machine rotor surface to ensure smooth finish on all “brake jobs”)
  • Hydraulic system Repairs (Soft or spongy brake pedal, Fluid leaks or rusty/damaged lines, Hoses, Calipers, Master cylinder)
  • Fluid Flush (Replace contaminated fluid, Mileage based service)