Electrical Diagnosis & Repair


Electrical repair


When it comes to Electrical Diagnostic and Troubleshooting we offer a skill set that is second to none in the industry.  With our vast depth of knowledge and large suite of specialized equipment you can trust that you are in the best place for the job.

Here at Coleman AutoTech we also strive to be forthcoming and honest about all aspects of the diagnostic process from a fair upfront estimate to a thorough explanation of the steps and processes involved in the repair process.

Our highly knowledgeable staff are also happy to help give you the best description possible of how each system in your car works and how they interact with one another because we know that having a complete understanding of what you are paying for is important to you.

  • Starting/Charging system (alternator warning indicator, vehicle won’t start)
  • Interior and Exterior lighting (Taillights, Brake lights, Headlights, Dome/dash lights)
  • Engine Electrical (Rodent damage, broken connectors, Battery cables)
  • Brake/ABS/Traction control (ABS light, Trac light, brake warning indicators)
  • Trailer lighting (Both on vehicle and on trailer wiring/ lighting, Brake controller installation)
  • New aftermarket Electronics (Stereo, Lights, Winches)