Engine Repair & Check Engine Diagnostic Test


Engine mechanical


Here at Coleman AutoTech we also offer in depth Mechanical Repairs and Diagnostic using the highest precision equipment and skilled technicians available to us.

We take great pride in our ability to address all of your mechanical needs efficiently and precisely so that you won’t have to worry about the same problem reoccurring any time soon.

All repairs are carried out using not only the best equipment but also choosing the best parts keeping Quality our highest priority. So from the most technical of mechanical repairs to the simplest we are committed to delivering you a superior end product.

  • Complete engine replacement (Factory long or short block assembly and fluids)
  • Cylinder head gasket and valve train (Leaking/blown cylinder head gasket, Burned valves, Bent valves, Complete cylinder head replacement)
  • Engine noise diagnosis (Rattles, Clicks, Squeaks, Knocks)
  • Engine fluid leaks (Engine oil, Coolant, fuel)
  • Timing components (Timing chains, Phasers, Gears, Tensioners)
  • Performance upgrades (Headers, Intake, Camshafts, Fuel system, ignition)