General Maintenance & Service


Fuel System Diagnostic


Even when it comes to performing “simple” General Maintenance on your vehicle Coleman AutoTech rises above the rest by offering a thorough visual inspection of all other “wear” parts of your car such as, belt, hoses, brakes, suspension, filters and any fluids at no extra cost to you.

Our Technicians will also note any leaks or other damage/safety concerns in order of priority/severity.  We value our customers and want you to know that we have your best interest in mind when we do any repairs on your vehicle and that you and your families safety is our number one goal.

  • Tune-up (Spark plugs, Plug wires, Air filters, Fuel filters)
  • Tire rotation (Rotate tires from front to back to insure even wear)
  • Oil change (Conventional or synthetic oil, Oil filter change)
  • Transmission service (factory fluid and filter change)
  • Differential service (Drain fluid or remove pan clean and replace fluid)
  • Cooling system service (Flush system with clean factory recommended coolant, Additional chemical cleaner if needed)
  • Timing belt service (Timing belt, Tensioners, any related pulleys, Front engine seals, Water pump, and any auxiliary belts applicable)